The best resorts in Pondicherry: a traveler's guide

Imagine this scene in your head - You get an unexpected short leave at your work place. Immediately you make plans to have a short vacation. The first idea that pops in your head is a trip to Pondicherry- that is, book a room at a resort in Pondicherry. Yes, it is true. Pondicherry, being the closest to Chennai, beautiful beaches, with the prices of MANY commodities much cheaper (!). It is a cool choice. However, is it worth it? We are going to find out.

Pondicherry is a coastal town that's a union territory and a palette of cohesion between the past and the present. That's to say, it is an unbelievable blend of colonial French architecture, roads and intricate influences, blended flawlessly with the present Tamil culture.

A trip to Pondicherry fulfills the missing element that chennaiites badly crave. So the resorts in Pondicherry have well understood the changing demands of the discerning tourist and have provided the finest resorts in Pondicherry that have a world class appeal to satiate the needs of luxury vacation one can ask for.

Pondicherry is surrounded with beautiful beaches- namely Promenade beach, Auroville beach, Paradise beach, Alamparai fort with a backwater beach, so you're spoilt for choices. Enjoy the beautiful sunset or the serene sunrise with a bike ride or a aimless stroll on the beach.

Pondicherry is just a short ride from Chennai and is close to Kairaikal, Thoothukudi, and Chidambaram. So that you can visit the temples and tourist destinations in these areas. In the city of Pondicherry, you can stroll around the Bharathidasan Memorial Museum or visit the church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus that has strong French influences and one of the most beautiful churches in Pondicherry.

The resorts in Pondicherry offer high standards of accomadation and are accessible with central locations in the city. The French background of Pondicherry also reflects in the resorts in Pondicherry with the influence seen in minute details in the dcor and hospitality. Many international guests come to Pondicherry for the famous Auroville Ashram, a famous location at the beautiful Pondicherry for a spiritual experience. It was built in the 1920s and serves as a spiritual haven for seekers.

Le Pondy resort in Pondicherry with its beautiful private beaches and luxurious accommodation is highly recommended for an ultra energizing vacation. It is one of the most sought out resorts by international tourists and tourists who want an idyllic location for their vacation. Resorts in Pondicherry near beach with the price list are easily found with a little search on the internet.

Many companies are thinking out of the box to send their employees to resorts in Pondicherry for team outing as it helps in nurturing team building tendencies among them. This trend is fast growing and is gaining popularity amongst the employees.

Resorts in Pondicherry with private pool is a luxury that is provided by many of the resorts for you to indulge in ultimate bliss like Sunway GRT, Ocean spray resort, Accord Pondicherry.

Many themed resorts in Pondicherry have opened up like the Ocean Spray resorts in Pondicherry that is built around a manmade lake. Rooms with private pools and open air Jacuzzi can be found at this resort. If you are the environment conscious, there is the Dune Eco resort with eco friendly amenities, a global village ambience and a place to meet like-minded people.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a cozy boutique hotel you could opt for the Promenade Hotel Pondicherry a luxury boutique hotel in the city centre or the humble Purple Resort. Theres one for every need of the traveler.

Wedding, sangeet and mehandi function are all celebrated at resorts and the resorts in Pondicherry are no exception to that. From lighting till the catering, all the arrangements are done prior to the event, so you have a wonderful time.

The resorts in Pondicherry offer great deals for the rooms if booked in advance and they also have a variety of packages for your convenience. Banquets, conferences, board room meetings and after event party can all be held comfortably at the resorts in Pondicherry for a change of atmosphere.

Most of the bookings for the resorts in Pondicherry can be made online and their websites provide accurate images of the hotel atmosphere to make your choice easier.

Whether you plan to laze around in the private pools in the resorts in Pondicherry or want to go out and explore the city, Pondicherry has many resorts to offer you an amazing time off.


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