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Hotel Description

Hotel Sea Breeze Mamallapuram is a treasure trove of cultural richness and heritage. Located near Mahabalipuram, a world heritage site with its grand architectural marvels like shore temple, tiger caves is a very good tourist attraction. The shore temple is a long surviving temple and attracts a lot of international tourists.

The Hotel Sea Breeze Beach Resort offers a spectacular view of the shore and one of the best hospitality hotels. A classic decor, with ornate woodwork and impeccable service and luxury make this resort a must visit. Dine at the in house restaurant for having a yummy feast.

Hotel Sea Breeze Mamallapuram is a 3 star hotel with an affordable price tag.

Accommodation at Sea Breeze

Hotel Sea Breeze Mamallapuram has 72 rooms and cottages to cater your needs. All rooms are comfortable, cozy and let you have quiet holiday without much disturbance. You will be catered to 24 hours a day by the room service attending to all your needs. All rooms have refrigerators, 24 hours hot water, color televisions, telephone and private verandahs.

You can also choose sea front rooms at Hotel Sea Breeze Mamallapuram to have a beautiful view of the shore temple and the shimmering Bay of Bengal coastline. All the rooms come with a complimentary breakfast buffet. A Wifi internet connection is available throughout the resort. All the rooms have balconies with good view.


Have a relaxing and rejuvenating session at the ayurvedic spa at Hotel Sea Breeze Beach Resort with relaxing massages by the skilled and smiling masseurs. Using aromatic oils and ancient ayurvedic techniques, head massages, body massages and other treatments are done in the spa. Swim around or dive into the beautiful infinite pool at the resort and you can order drinks at the swimming pool and poolside. The gardens are well maintained at Hotel Sea Breeze Mamallapuram, so you can also throw in some deck chairs to read a good book under the tropical sun.


The in house restaurant is a sea side restaurant facing well manicured gardens overlooking the sea. You can have a quiet romantic candle lit dinner by the seaside or arrange a fun party for family and friends. Whatever it is you are sure to be wowed by the variety of food and the wonderful tastes. You can also order food to your room with the 24 hour room service. All the chefs take great care in preparing food according to your taste buds. The waiters are also very attentive and courteous fiving a very pleasant dining experience at the Hotel Sea Breeze Mamallapuram.

Conferences and events

Hotel Sea Breeze Mamallapuram has conference halls and open lawns making it a good spot to host your conferences, weddings or any big event. The decor can be changed according to the theme of your event or the specific need of the day. The resort makes each event a special one designing all the events with uniqueness. The catering also can be arranged by the in house restaurant and you can make a Hotel Sea Breeze Booking online with lighting and seating arrangements necessary for your event.

Hotel Sea Breeze Booking

The tariff for Hotel Sea Breeze Mamallapuram is a bit on the higher side for a hotel of this type but rest assured it is a standard beach resort apt for travelers for pilgrims or families for leisure. Make a booking with Hotel Sea Breeze for a pleasurable experience.

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