Top 6 things to do with ECR Resorts!

When you ask any Chennai-ite about their favorite things they want to do, many of them would say "A long drive on the ECR road" isn't it?

So what's so special about this place that makes even the most seasoned chennaiite yearn for more?

Let's find out.

"It is a wonderful road located on the shore of Bay of Bengal and offers a breathtaking view of the coastline", "There are many recreation spots on this road" are the things you've already heard about.

Let's look into the lesser known facts about the ECR and why ECR Resorts are so famous.

  1. ECR Resorts are one of a kind and offer ideal vacation that's far away from the city but not so far away for a quick weekend getaway. It offers a tranquil place, cozy, romantic surroundings away from the noisy bustling city, but at the same time is easily accessible near to Chennai.
  2. The ECR road is actually a road with unique spiritual and cultural places to visit that you won't find anywhere in the city. The world famous ISCKON temple, the nearby architectural Mahabalipuram with its wide array of temples, the nearby Kancheepuram - a city of temples, churches and mosques like the Thameem ansari darga are some of the places you can visit.
  3. If you're fed up with the dirty beaches of Chennai, ECR road is your haven of a vast expanse of untouched beaches, pristine clean with unpolluted waters. Many of the ECR Resorts have their own private beaches for you to enjoy with absolute privacy and to spend a lovely evening. Nowadays, beach weddings are a rage and where else to do it better than the ECR Resorts? Ideal beach resorts, Jade resort, Temple Bay resort offer preplanned arrangements for a grand wedding or sangeet function. If you want to have a themed wedding, then Dakshinachithra is the place to go, as, for instance, you can have Kerala style wedding in an original Kerala house with all the detailing. Not only weddings, many companies are now opting for ECR Resorts for their team outing, or open air banquet at the beaches and the resorts themselves do all the arrangements.
  4. It is home to many IT companies, industries and upcoming residential areas. In the past decade, it has become the hot spot for residents and many ECR Resorts have come up due to the picturesque location alongside the coastline. So naturally, these IT companies opt for the ECR Resorts like Green coconut resorts, Shelter resorts and Ideal Beach Resort to host their conferences, banquets, product launches, team outing, and other major events.
  5. It has recreation facilities for all age groups -A unique crocodile park preserving endangered reptiles crocodiles and snakes for kids and adults alike, temples and amusement parks. Dakshinachithra is a unique museum displaying the rich south Indian cultural heritage with beautiful houses relocated to the ECR. Water sports, paint ball fights, trekking and buggy rides are available at many of the ECR Resorts. Tiger cave is present just 5km before Mahabalipuram on the ECR road. Covelong is a pristine, unsoiled beach 26 km from Adyar, which is a colonial Dutch fort site offering wind surfing options. With the lovely Mahabalipuram at one end of the ECR road- a world known heritage site in India, you're sure to be spending a lot of time learning south Indian culture. Additionally, the ECR Roads also have the amenities you find in the city such as malls, movie theatres and you don't miss a thing. So, many choose to vacation at the ECR Resorts, as it is a win-win for all people involved.
  6. It would be a grave blunder if one forgets to mention about the selection of dining varieties one finds on this road. Be it Middle Eastern cuisine, cozy French bistros, Iranian cafes, five star hotels, name it and you can find it. Each resort on the ECR takes pride in its in-house restaurants with themes, ambience and food unmatched to any. It is a treat for people with a wide variety of palates with most of the dining options offering fresh seafood from the days catch.

With these wonderful things to do, an ECR Resort booking is a pending getaway on your bucket list. The booking is very easy nowadays for ECR Resorts, as everything is done online. The Resorts on ECR offers a world class experience in their service, hospitality, dining, ambience and stay.

Many of the websites offer ECR Resorts list with price so it is easy for you to decide on one, according to your needs and budget. As it is very near Chennai, almost all the ECR Resorts offer great deals for weekends. You can also avail ECR Resort deals for a special booking for an upcoming event, conference or banquet that you would like to organize. You get hotel deals at every price to suit your budget very near the city. A unique day package facility is available for those who'd like to spend a short and sweet vacation for just a day as a family or a corporate team at resorts like Grand bay resort and the Temple Bay resort. The ECR Resorts boast of very good spas and wellness centers to pamper your senses at your short vacation. Each ECR Resort is unique in its own sense of hospitality, dcor and theme. Many of the international guests staying at Chennai also opt for ECR resorts for the kind of proximity they have to the city, yet not compromising on the quiet ambience they tend to offer.

So, do you need any more clues as to where your next weekend should be planned? Go ahead and enjoy a relaxing short weekend getaway at the ECR Resorts.


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